Assisting you with homemaking chores and household maintenance.  

  • Wash Dishes 

  • Dusting and Vacuuming 

  • Caring for Pets 

  • Make the Bed 

  • Transportation Arrangements 

  • Dropping Letters in the Post Office 

  • Cleaning the Bathroom 

  • Shopping for Food 

  • Going to the Pharmacy 

  • Check Food Freshness 

  • Running Errands for the Client 

  • Watering the Plants




Pleasant companionship with safety supervision throughout the day.

Gives you the Ability to maintain a comfortable and supported environment at home.

Grocery shopping 

Meal preparation 

Encouraging proper nutrition 

Light housekeeping 

Launder clothes and linen 

Community Activities 

Run errands

Medication Reminder


Notaries public administer oaths, take affidavits, sign legal documents and perform other activities according to the limitations of their appointment. Witness and certify the validity of signatures on documents. Notaries public prepare promissory notes, wills, mortgages and other legal documents.  Our Notaries provide affordable, professional services. Travel time is extra.....fees start at $3 and up for basic paperwork.


We accept Vocational rehabilitation clients, (CDC) Consumer Directed Care,   VetAssist ,  AVCC, Private Pay, Med waiver............ Health care Insurance payments coming soon.