Carrington's Caring Angels is passionate about serving our community. We offer services and classes to provide relief, education, and guidance. See below for the services and classes available to you.


Who are our services for?

  • Elderly patients who need support with their errands

  • Individuals who need help with light housework 

  • Busy professionals who need assistance in balancing their work and home life

  • Widows/Widowers who need companionship 

  • Individuals who need to sign legal documents


Who are our classes for?

  • Individuals who need CPR training

  • required to have Bloodborne pathogen for the workplace

  • unlicensed direct care staff serving clients with developmental disabilities 

  • young people (11-15 years old) who are interested in providing babysitting services.

These are very interactive classes any health issues that would prevent you from taking part in these classes should be explained and you may want to reconsider taking these courses. 


Disclaimer: Please do not register for any classes if you are aware of any health-related issues that will hinder your performance.

Veteran's Benefits

If you are a U.S. Veteran, you may be eligible to have the government pay for medical treatment, personal care, and assistance at home. Inquire here to begin the process.

Our Classes & Services

We accept Vocational rehabilitation clients, (CDC) Consumer Directed Care, VetAssist, AVCC, Private Pay, Med waiver. Health care Insurance payments coming soon.


"I can not say enough positive things about this agency. This agency is about people. Those who they provide service for and for those who come to join the agency network. "Caring nd Reliability" are key with this agency. I could go on for days."

Deborah L.

"Thank you so much for all that you do. Your staff is great, they come in with an open mind to doing everything that we needed done for our Mom. I will definitely recommend your business to all of my friends."


" I just love Carringtons Angels they are the best!! They assisted with in-home care assistance with my Mom and from the time that they stepped into the house. They were the best, very loving, organized, genuine and they really did more than we could have ever asked for. I couldn't pay them enough for what they have brought to our family. Thank You A Million Carrington's Angels."


Thank you all so much for being there right when we needed you all!! You went far and beyond the call of duty in assisting in providing services for my Mom it was worth every penny. Thank you!



1. What are the benefits of home care?

  • Avoidance of high hospital bills

  • Faster recuperation and recovery from illness

  • One on one direct care from a caregiver

  • Overtime improved independence.

  • Better symptom management

  • Care in familiar surroundings that allows family input


2. How do people pay for home care?

This varies from situation to situation. There are many different ways people pay for their home care costs. Some services may be covered by a type of insurance you have, or by Medicare or Medicaid. Some may be covered by workers’ compensation or by Veterans benefits. Also, services can be paid for directly by the person receiving care, which is commonly referred to as “private pay.”

To ensure you are receiving the right service, at the right time, under the right benefit, it’s important to be aware of all of the various sources available to help pay for your home care services (such as Medicare, your health insurance plan, long-term care insurance, or others.) A home care provider may have specialists who can help you understand if the services you need may be covered by outside sources, and then contact those sources to determine your eligibility. Then, if your care services are in excess of what your coverage allows, you have the option of paying the difference out of pocket.


3. How quickly can services begin?

Services can begin promptly. It is not unusual for private paying clients to be admitted the same day.